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The Worst Airport in the World

The customs officer looked over my form and saw the figure was blank.

“How much money do you have on you?” he asked. I decided not to lie.

“About $10,000,” I said.

“Show me.”

I pulled out a thick wad of cash. He nodded slowly.

“Okay. You give me half,” he said. I thought of trying to explain to The Independent that I had handed over $5,000 of their money to a corrupt customs official. They’d never believe me.

“Sorry?” I said politely, as if I hadn’t heard properly, playing for time.

“You give me half this,” he said, indicating the money. I took a deep breath.

“No,” I said.

From The Worst Airport in the World

The World’s Most Overpriced Airport

So, Delhi airport is to become the world’s most expensive for airlines. It’s one of those stories you barely notice, just another sign of India’s booming economy — until you stop to think: it doesn’t make any sense at all.

India’s aviation sector is in crisis. Kingfisher Airlines is on the verge of collapse, unable to pay its pilots’ salaries or its fuel bills, its international flights cancelled, its domestic operations pared back to the minimum.

Air India would be in the same mess if it didn’t have endless government subsidies to fall back on.

Demand for landing slots at Delhi is going down, not up. And the airport is jacking up its charges to the most expensive in the world?

What’s going on?

From The World’s Most Overpriced Airport